Pierson Road Jubillee Street Party

Photos from a fun filled day - no captions to save embarassement ;-)

Rule Britannia

Fire up the engines Tony

send her victorious

Ready to rock 'n' roll

Do a little dance

Nearly ready to go

Hoo dat?

Surpriiiiiiise :-D

You aint 'avin my pint

Hip, hip...

Do you remember...

Party on, boys...

Three cheers, your Majesty XXX

Long live the boigur

caption competition...your cape, ma'am

Lookin good Peggy

Was I supposed to save some?

And where are all the other candles?

No, don't sneeze, big man


Well done guys

did someone say "party"?

I'm pooped

Biker buddies

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Date : Tue, Jun 5th, 2012