Millions of employees due tax refunds

Millions of employees have overpaid tax, and are due tax refunds, for allowances they haven't claimed from HMRC. How much have you overpaid?

A Star Accounting Services Ltd is please to announce the launch of its FREE, on-line, instant, employee tax refund App called “Quickclaim”.

Free on-line App

Quickclaim is an intuitive tool, that any employee, and you, can find out if you have accidentally overpaid tax, and by how much.

Quickclaim has useful menus, pop up help screens, an easy on the eye construction will gently educate and empower employees to become more tax savvy.

Quickclaim will also tell them how they can reclaim the overpaid tax back from HMRC.

What could be simpler?

Instant claim writing service

For many users, Quickclaim can, for a small one off fee, instantaneously prepare a claim for them, ready to “print, sign, and post” to HMRC. Easy.

It’s great value for money, as most other accountants charge you £50 - £hundreds, or 40% of your tax refund.

Quicklcaim is quick, simple, and the optional claim writing feature costs less than a tenner. In return, for less than the cost of a pizza, you could get a tax refund worth £tens, £hundreds, or £thousands.

Or prepare your own claim, and it will cost you nothing.

Money for nothing!?

Get YOUR tax refund, NOW.

Don’t get ripped off by HMRC, use our free Quickclaim web app.

Get your tax refund NOW, and pay less tax in future. Go to the Quickclaim service at

What are you waiting for? Quickclaim is free to use. Click here



  • The UK has some 30 million employees
  • All employees can claim tax allowances for many things they pay for that is work related
  • For many employees, jobs, and industries, HMRC gives away GUARANTEED tax allowances, subject to certain rules. There are almost 250 jobs, and industries, who can claim these guaranteed allowances called Fixed Rate Expenses (FRE)
  • Most employees have never been told that these allowances are available, or the range of these allowances.
  • Most qualifying employees could get a cash back from HMRC of at least £60, many will get tax refunds of £hundreds of pounds, and some will cheques for thousands of pounds.
    • Shopworkers, and military personnel, could get £60+
    • NHS staff could get £100+
    • Community Midwives could get up to £600
    • Pilots could get £2,500
    • The list is a long one
    • A Star Accounting Services Ltd has published a book , available in paperback or Kindle, at Amazon, called, “How to get a tax refund and pay less tax in future: an employee's guide to tax allowances hidden in plain view
  • Quickclaim automates the processes of this book
  • There is a dedicated website being developed for more help at
  • Author, Wisdom Da Costa, can be heard here talking about the book on radio at the website
  • The trade names Quickclaim and Accounting Wisdom are used under licence from Accounting Wisdom Ltd


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Date : Mon, Sep 29th, 2014