How To Pay Less Tax – the new book that illuminates hidden tax allowances available to EVERYONE

How to pay less tax employee tax refund bookWindsor, Berkshire, January 2014

A new self-help tax book for UK employees reveals the tax allowances people could and should be claiming for job related costs.

The book dedicated to Britain’s 30 million workers, many of whom are probably paying too much tax.

  • Why are they paying too much tax? Because they do not know that they are entitled to claim costs & allowances they pay out in doing their job.
  • Why don’t they know? Probably because HMRC don’t tell them; their employers don’t tell them; the Government doesn’t tell them; and they can’t afford a good accountant who possibly would tell them.

Entitled “How to get a tax refund and pay less tax in future: an employee’s guide to tax allowances hidden in plain view”, it is written by Windsor based Accountant, Wisdom Da Costa B.Sc, FCCA, AMCT – and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The book explains, in easy to understand terms, the range of expenses that employees can claim, how to defend and support their claim, and how to successfully claim tax allowances from HMRC.

Successful claims will result in reduced tax bills and could generate a sizeable tax refund for readers.

Written in a conversational style, the work book style also contains simple examples, sample forms and templates to help readers write their claim easily, and a powerful Index to identify any allowances specifically available for their role, or similar jobs. In Kindle version, the Index is hyperlinked directly to content. The book contains everything an employee will need to make a successful claim from HMRC.

Lord Palmer of Childs Hill, OBE FCA, says: “Wisdom Da Costa has produced a book which I am sure will enable many people to better organise their tax affairs and to take advantage of allowances, expenses and deductions which can be used to reduce tax liabilities.”

International Banker, John Richards OBE, says: “The book contains useful information and advice and sample template letters that readers will find useful. I commend the book to you.” John is also a Councillor for Greater Marlow.

Bonus content, including resources and blog articles to help employees at greater depth is available on the dedicated website at The book also includes access to extra resources on hidden web pages available to people who buy the book. Kindle buyers can hyperlink directly to these hidden resources.

The book has already helped a range of people including doctors, firemen, gardeners, NHS staff, public service employees, salesmen, and tree surgeons get £hundreds, and in some cases £thousands of pounds in tax refunds from HMRC.

The book is available from Amazon in super-hyperlinked Kindle, and paperback formats.

Further information and images are available at

Contact: Wisdom Da Costa at A Star Accounting Services Ltd

Telephone: 01753 840040

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How to pay less tax - employee tax refund bookMore detail about the book

In showing employees how to claim back tax, the book;

  • Exposes 21 types of expenses and allowances you can claim a refund for (Chapter Two and Three), explains who can use them, and what you can claim for.
  • Uncovers more than 250 industries, jobs, and professions who can claim special allowances, and guaranteed allowances, and tell you what they can claim (Chapter Four)
  • Provides flow charts to guide you through the complicated process of how to claim the maximum refund using dynamic, and powerful, Capital Allowances.
  • Divulges 40 more useful tax tips, and valuable, buried tax gems, to help make that cash back as big as possible.
  • Discloses more tricks and tips to help you manage your tax lie an accountant (Chapter Five)
  • Contains 10 free template claim letters for you to copy and use
  • Includes a powerful  Index to let staff find out if they can get special allowances for their job, profession, or industry; or to find out related roles, with bigger & better benefits, that might be able to claim for
  • Helps employees
    • identify additional work related costs they could claim for with a practical exercise and key principles (Chapter One)
    • Prepare the evidence needed to keep HMRC quiet (Chapter One)
    • Prepare their Claim against HMRC, with easy examples (Chapter Six)


Excerpts from the book

Introduction, and section “Are you paying the right amount of tax? Would you like to pay less tax?”

In the UK, 30 million employees are unaware that they are entitled to claim allowances set by the Government and HMRC, which, over the long term, will significantly reduce their tax bills. Not only that, but the majority of them are also entitled to refunds in cash of between £70 and £2,500 due to previously unclaimed allowances over the last five years! Thousands of others could also make valid additional claims for even more than £2,500.”

Introduction, and section “Making it easy

“Tax can be complex. It is frequently full of jargon and unintelligible phrases making it difficult terrain to navigate through to the final destination. Tax rules that apply to the 30 million employees and directors living in the UK can also be overly restrictive and longwinded, compared to reliefs available to people liable for other types of tax.

So to save you the trouble, I have sifted through page after page of rules, regulations and laws, and then processed the information to produce for you a user-friendly and concise guide to what you are entitled to claim.

This is very much a ‘can do’ book, and my aim is to be your guide you every step of the way. I recommend that you work through the book methodically, making a note of the tax tips that are relevant to you as you read through, until you arrive at the point when you are ready to make a claim.

Watch out for extra items marked “Tax Tip”, or “Tax Gem”. Tax Tips will help you avoid a pitfall, or point out what to do to make your claim more certain; Tax Gems are very powerful tips that allow you to maximise your tax refund, and minimise any tax payable.”


Author Wisdom Da Costa B.Sc, FCCA, AMCTAbout the Author

Wisdom Da Costa is a Qualified Accountant, Corporate Treasurer, and Schoolteacher. He began his accounting career with Touche Ross then eventually took a number of senior finance roles within Maidenhead based SITA UK. He currently owns an accountancy practice in Windsor in the South East of England.

As an Accountant, Wisdom has thirty years experience helping individuals and businesses pay less tax, cutting tens of millions of pounds off their tax bills by developing and implementing innovative tools to improve their case, and by presenting information effectively. As a Corporate Treasurer, he has developed sound and effective ways to assess and protect against financial risk whilst also taking advantage of market opportunities, and dealing with the more mundane aspects of the job. As a Teacher, he has developed and trained teenagers in Slough, helping to release their potential, and uncover their abilities.

Wisdom’s skill is to uncover the possibilities and then empower people to benefit.


A Star Accounting Services Ltd logoAbout the Publisher

A* Accounting Services is based in the Thames Valley and provides friendly qualified accountancy services to small and medium sized businesses. We are professional, reliable and dedicated accountants with more than 20 years experience; our principal is a member of the ACCA, and we offer "kite-marked" financial advice under the government backed Business Finance Advice service.

We understand that running your business is challenging enough, and you want to avoid getting bogged down with paperwork and tax forms - PAYE, end of year accounts or tax returns.

Rest assured we are here to help you with a choice of accounting solutions and tax advice that could help save you money whilst ensuring you've got more time to run your business.”

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