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This is the private blog of a Trainee Accountant. Please Note: This content is personal and uncensored and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of A* Accounting Services (A Star Accounting Services Ltd).

Happy Valentines Day! Or for those of us who are single, grab a friend and celebrate bromance day. So many people complain about the holiday and hate it because they feel lonely. Celebrate with the people you love,  if they are not a partner then invite your friends and family out to dinner. Go to a nice cheap restaurant or just stay home and make pancakes (this way you can celebrate Pancake Day twice!). We may not be in a great economic climate right now but since it's February you get paid for doing two days less work.

Maybe i'm just a romantic at heart but (in my opinion) life without love is meaningless. Go out there and experience true happiness! Do whatever it takes to be happy and enjoy your life. For a week, go out there and smile at everyone you walk past, you'll be suprised at the amount of people who smile back and you'll feel a bit happier each time.

I guess it's time to stop preaching and blog about work, my thoughts go out to the boss who is really ill at the moment. Get well soon! (Brownie Points in the bag). We're going through a tough time at the moment, we're still trying to iron out some problems that have sprung up. Good news is that the January Self-Assessment Tax Return period is over and we can now concentrate on restructuring and maintaining clients whilst fishing for more. Hopefully the Easter Card Award with Queen Anne's School gets our name in the local area.

Have a great day with the people you love (and remember to love them for more than just a day),


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Date : Tue, Feb 14th, 2012